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Personal Qualifications

Website creation is easily possible with a little help.  You can pay a professional web designer (a lot of money) to create a website.

With a little support you can create your own.  The bonus is that every time you want to make a change you do not pay your web designer - you do it yourself for free!

I am a first class honours graduate of Southampton University (1982) and a fully qualified UK teacher. I taught in schools and colleges for 30 years. My last post was teaching in a special needs school - so I am well acquainted with those who lack confidence especially in Information Technology.

I have two computer literate children who rely on IT for their living so that’s my legacy.

About Jems

I have 35 years experience of computing and was an IT coordinator in a school for 14 years.  

Using a computer is not just about switching on and saving the information you find or create, it’s important to store your information safely. Computers’ fail - then you lose everything, so computer data storage is very important. I will make sure your data is safe.

Before all this, of course, you need to learn the basics. I learned the hard way, when we were pioneers of home computing in the early 1980s, so my mission is to make it easier for you. That’s why I am offering my services.



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