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Hello and welcome to Pictures of Wessex.  If you are looking for pictures of the area around Dorset, England, you have found the right site!  This site is dedicated to bringing you pictures of Thomas Hardy’s  19th Century “Wessex” .  The idea is to demonstrate that Wessex keeps its old charm, is still full of mystery,  old-world attraction and timeless character.

If you are interested in old-England, as I am, then when you have looked at these pictures, take a look at my new site. You may find the pictures helpful for many reasons: general tourism, genealogy, historical perspective  or just plain curiosity!

Many of the pictures are dated and details are also given of the digital camera used and particular settings for the exposure. However early digital photos taken 1998-1999, using a Kodak DC 120 digital zoom camera, only show the date the picture was digitally “processed” not when the picture was taken.  In such cases no exposure details are noted.  Over a 10 year period, therefore, you might notice changes to the photo venues.  That’s progress!

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